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Stott equipment”Classes on the Reformer, Stability chair, Cadillac, Ladder Barrel, and Arc barrel. Train on the best and internationally most recognized Pilates machines on the market! Designed to add resistance but keeping your muscles elongated. Get stronger, leaner muscles, better definition, but no bulk! The Pilates principles and the alignment play a very important part and will be the base of every exercise.


You can expect an increase in strength, flexibility, mobility, balance, and body awareness, as well as a decrease in back-pain or other general pains.


This ‘One of a Kind’ Pilates training will provide maximum challenge and movement variety. Fluidity is the key ingredient.Every transition counts and is an exercise of its own. Combining dynamic precision and control with mindful balance, centring and breathing. Unleash the power of your core. You will get a good sweat! To join this class an experience in Pilates training is recommended.

PILATES & RHYTHM –  Multi level

Perform Pilates mat work to the rhythm of classical tunes. Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert will help you to reduce stress, recharge energy and loose calories. The focus is on musicality and alignment, control, fluidity and breathing. This unique creative class is challenging your concentration and you truly feel the mind-body connection through the music.

PILATES FOR KIDS 6 to 11 years old – FOR TEENS 12 to 16 years old

In Youth good overall body awareness can be beneficial, good posture promotes improved body image and proper breathing techniques helps reduce stress. Pilates can help kids and teenagers to develop an essential mind – body awareness for a healthy lifestyle as adults.
This enjoyable, creative workout keeps the Youth engaged and challenges them physically and mentally. Fun and quick movements with balls, bands and circles are designed to promote active lifestyle choices, forever.


Traditional basic Pilates movements are combined with gentle Yoga poses in a fluid class format. Relax and recharge your body to find the “healthy balance” for the everyday challenge.


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