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The Art of Pole

A viagra canadian cost and sensual ultimate Body Workout that powers up your self-esteem. “Learn how to be stunningly strong and at the same time undeniably feminine and sexy”. For all sizes, shapes, ages and fitness levels.

Chiara Joosten, certified Pole/Fitness Professional brought Pole fitness to Barbados in 2007. She taught and established the Pole Fitness programs at Surfside Wellness Center, until opening the very first
authentic Pole Fitness Studio ‘Move 2 More’ in 2010. She is the leader and Pioneer of this amazing Art and convinced this little island to accept Pole Fitness as a fascinating fusion of dance and acrobatics. She teaches, empowers and inspires many women and even made a dream come true for all the passionate Dancers  by sharing her vision of the alternative Move 2 More Fitness Studio. She recently was invited as international Guest presenter at the bodyholiday  Le Sport in St. Lucia for  4 weeks to launch and establish Pole fitness at the resort . She certified the local and international Fitness instructors at the resort with the move 2 more Pole fitness & Dance certification successfully. Click on the link for more details


POLE WORKOUT FUNDAMENTAL- Beginners – No experience required

This class is designed to introduce you to Pole Fitness. After the warm up including Aerobics, Pilates, Yoga and Dance elements, you learn how to move around the pole with various basic tricks, spins, transitions and floor work while building upper body strength and flexibility. A basic dance routine and a cool down complete this amazing, fascinating Total Body Workout. Enter the world of Fitness and Fantasy.

POLE WORKOUT – Multi level – Beginner / Intermediate

Tailored to suit a Multi level class. Newbie’s are working on the basic techniques and intermediate
students will get the modification for their level. Girlfriends, with different levels can join together. The Warm up prepares the body for the practice of the various beginner / intermediate pole tricks and skills. Basic climbing and inversions are introduced to the intermediate students. A freestyle dance is the dazzling ending of this creative and innovative class.

POLE WORKOUT – Intermediate

This is the class for students who mastered the Fundamentals and want to learn more. Are you ready to be taken into the next level of sassiness, power and complex pole skills? The focus remains on building upper body strength, core power and flexibility through an intense warm up. The dance routines/ freestyles are more demanding and challenging. Get the inspiration and training you need to become an outstanding performer.

POLEWORKOUT – Just Tricks – Intermediate / Advanced – Unisex

A strong intense warm up gives you the power you need to just work on; individual and impressive pole
tricks. The target is on inversions, climbing, dismounts, and transitions. It is a very athletic approach to intensifying and advancing your skills in the Art of Pole Fitness. The class ends in a freestyle dance to give you the chance of putting it all together and shine like a star.

VERTICAL POWER – Multilevel – Unisex

The class for men and women alike. Athletic, creative, Fitness & Fantasy. Bring your partner, friend or colleague to this sizzling unique class and share the experience of Pole Fitness in a Unisex exciting and safe environment where fitness remains the main focus.

POLE PRACTICE JAM – Multilevel – Unisex

This class is for everyone who wants to get an extra training for the moves you learned in your Pole Fitness class. The instructor is leading the session through a thorough warm up and is there, ready to assist and motivate your practice. Socialize with other students from different classes and levels to share
this unique experience of community and fun.


Enter the world of competition and performance. Learn how to deliver a glamorous, impressive, clean and professional performance. Develop your own style, signature and statement on stage and overcome stage fright. Perfect your quality of movements and tricks in each an every class and you will be the “one” giving the audience the run for their money.

POLE CONDITIONING: Multilevel – Unisex

Flexibility, Strength, Core Power and Stamina are the focus in this session. Using the Pole and Pilates
equipment your body will be conditioned for more… To prevent injuries and imbalances this class is highly recommended for every poledancer.

POLE – Just Dance: Multilevel

Come for the Fun, Stay for the Fitness and be amazed by the journey. Learn what it truly means to be empowered and how to enjoy your divine body and mind. A total body workout for all sizes, shapes, ages and fitness levels.

No dance experience required!.

SHOWGIRLS – Multilevel. No dance experience required!

Get ready to express your sensual and sexy personality that every woman has hidden inside. Bring a lot of spice and humour to this class and forget about the rest. Feel precious and delicious and find your unique expression style and movements. Poles, chairs and feather boas will spice up the moves and tricks. It is a Total Body Workout with stretching and strengthening floor work and short basic dance routines! No pressure just fun!


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