The innovative RealRyder® ABF8 Stationary Bike provides a much needed overhaul to one of the most popular and versatile pieces of fitness equipment on the market, the indoor bike. Originally the indoor bike was designed to simulate riding a real bike and it is understandable that in those early stages what was created was essentially a pedaling machine.

The RealRyder ABF8 Stationary Bike is the revolutionary product that the indoor cycling market has been
waiting for. Your certified Real Ryder instructor will take you to a journey of riding a bike out in the real world. It’s not just pedalling – it is steering, leaning, balancing, mental involvement and emotional excitement. The result is a 5-in-1 total body workout to exciting music and burning even more calories than on a stationary bike because it is not just simply legs and cardio, but also upper body, core muscle and balance. Get ready for the next level of indoor cycling!